Kiosk is an online store for people who like to thoughtfully gift. We do not judge on whether the gift is for oneself or another.

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Behind Kiosk

Kiosk is an independent online business operating from Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) if you want to be formal. 

Having lived in the UK for a very long time, it is easy to become used to the closeness and ease of global brands on your door step. Online shopping while I lived there went from occasional buying and average postage time-lines to the current absolute ease. You can order anything you wish and for a marginal postage cost and tiny time frame it arrives to your door.

When I arrived in Melbourne I saw a really big difference in peoples attitudes and trust to buying online and also the availability of international brands not to mention stores postage time lines and procedures.

In 2021 I  started Kiosk purely for selfish reasons, to bring in brands to my store that I personally use and think should be a part of everyone else's. 

I have always been a big fan of sharing information and if you go to a city I have visited I would happily tell you my favourite restaurants, drinks and gardens to while an afternoon away, in that same thread I am using Kiosk to showcase really excellent companies selling  and making goods that I truly believe are original and exciting.

Having an online retail store is not inventing the wheel but what I strive for, to differentiate Kiosk from the others is really great customer service, I try for a  easy and meaningful transaction with a personable service, I hand write every card in your order and I can assure you I always look at if for a while after, thinking is this really my best writing. (Alas as you get older your writing is more conventional, and less best)

I only sell brands I use or have used before, Thunders Love socks have been in my wardrobe for years, I have one of  the first Apartamento magazines released and I bought my nieces Baggu bags when the brand first started out. 

And lastly its very important to me and the reputation of Kiosk to nicely package and post your purchases with haste and respect. 

I offer a flat rate shipping service to stop that dreaded basket fill out and have nice transparency for prices.

I am always up for some banter, to answer any questions or give any recommendations so don't be shy about getting in touch, especially on Instagram I spend way too much time on there!