In an age of digital media, subscribtions to your inbox and a fairly constant finger scroll of insta, its time to reconnect with the written word.
Im forever preaching to anyone who will listen that I am time poor. Well actually I am not but social media is quick and addictive and I can crawl down the web hole for several hours without too much of an issue. (Im not proud of this, but I am pretty good at it)

So that is the reasoning of why Kiosk is a stockist for Spains Apartamento Magazine. Its imperative that we sell a book that is not seasonal, can be flicked through, put down and then re addressed later in the week or month. We want to read interesting stories not preachy ones about other peoples lives (curtain twitching without been caught)

I want an easy but smart read and if I can learn something about the world and society and how it works without the interruption of someones else's opinion I am all for it.

Apartamento is the whole package, interesting, modern, non seasonal and smart. Kiosk is also stocking a few of their design and architect led books as they are jolly good publishers.