Gifts for your weekends

Gifts, weekends…. What’s next, a basket full of puppies….. Some things deserve to be enjoyed and gifting + weekends have our vote. Every. Time. NO. 1 Mourne Textiles Blankets $350 The only consideration with these blankets are where you use them, bed, chaise lounge or the porch swing. 100% Merino Wool, made by a third generation family of traditional weavers in the Mourne Hills of Northern Ireland.

NO. 2 Bahen & Co Chocolate $9.90 It is not advisable to eat chocolate for breakfast, unless it’s the weekend then rules be abandoned, do exactly what brings you happiness.

NO. 3 Apartamento Magazine $30 What do we want.. To travel. When do we want it…. Now. But alas we are all waiting with baited breath and crossed fingers until we can jump on and off trains and planes with carefree abandon. Apartamento doesn’t replace your weekend away but it does allow you to live vicariously through other peoples stories. It will also take you all weekend to read, it’s jam packed.

NO. 4 Thunders Love Socks $40 Slip these one size, unisex socks on and roll through the weekend. By themselves as house socks, under a pair of Birkies to buy croissants across the road and inside some APC boots for Sunday roasts and drinks with friends.

NO. 5 Sands Made Risotto Spoons $14 each There truly is no other meal that screams weekend more than a slow paced bowl of risotto. Pour a glass of wine, Spotify your favourite songs and be prepared to spend at least double the amount of time your estimated to get that risotto steaming and perfect.

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