How to up level your travel game.

The moment that gives me the most amount of joy is the purchasing of an airline ticket. For some reason even though I am a fairly level headed adult, the adrenaline pumps through my veins as Im entering in the passport details, we have all heard the stories of the people arriving to the airport and been turned back because the A was mistakenly typed as a S.

As the airline asks my bank for permission to buy the tickets, I always feel the fear that (despite having checked the balance previously) my bank will declare its not a good idea and decline the transaction.

The screen loads and we have it, something on the horizon to plan for and look forward to.

After the hair raising scenes its time to enjoy the trip, book the restaurants we have been dreaming off and start to think about packing appropriately.

Obviously we all save a bit of money by taking the early fights right? Maybe we don't anymore and that's just a habit I can't break. I love the wake up, the dark and the excitement and nothing helps carry that through the next hour or so than with a good coffee in my Kinto Travel Tumbler. We stock the 350ml size which holds 2 cups and is small enough not to put pressure on my luggage. Once at your destination the Kinto tumbler will hydrate you with days of sparkling or still water, hotel green teas and anything else that keeps you hydrated while you explore interesting vistas.

You know I LOVE Thunders Love socks and never are they more adored than when warming my feet (or my husbands if he's quick enough) on a plane. Why does it get so cold? Regardless, let that few hours of regulated bliss not finish there, a quick hand wash in the hotel (or villa) and they are ready for early mornings as you make foreign coffee in foreign rooms, evenings as you sip Rose on balconies and with your boots or trainers as you stomp the cobbles for hours on end.

No brainer, sun protection at home is a non negotiable and so is it on holiday. If you have the product on you, you are more inclined to use it through the day and top up. Please do. Its important. Take the Standard procedure bigger size in your suitcase and the smaller 60ml in your day bag, refill in the evenings ready for day trips, beach days and beer gardens. No one knows the Australian sun like Stand procedure, true them to protect you and your family here and abroad.

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Yes Dad... But by golly he is talking sense. The best way to not forget things, pack appropriately and be ready to bring back those gift shop purchases is with the appropriate storage. Dividing your cosmetics, electronics and medicines will keep you in check. Baggu does really great storage bags, all fold up or lay flat and can be used for anything your packing needs. Kiosk stocks a selection of Baggu toilet bags, luggage dividers and flat pouches.

Nothing annoys me more than walking into a hotel or Air BNB and it smelling wafty. The opening of windows is often a pleasure you are not permitted. Take a couple of Northern Lights candle company tea light candles (and a tin) and burn on entry. The subtle honey notes will calm your triggered brain and immediately begin a simple calming presence. We are not in high school in the 80s anymore when you disguised bad smells with impulse body spray. You are now a lovely adult, enjoying lovely hard worked for holidays and deserve the beeswax influence to centre your mind on the important things in life.

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