Complimentary gift wrap

Kiosk enjoys receiving a good gift (obviously) but more so we LOVE to bestow a thoughtful gift onto another. It's important to us to think carefully about what the recipient might want but also what they might not realise that they want.

We think we are curating a pretty good sweep of gifts on Kiosk to cater for most but what about the packaging?

Some people want a classically wrapped gift whilst others prefer a more simplistic approach.

We have come up with 2 options that we think help to alleviate these considerations

1- Complimentary Gift wrap in our Heritage green recyclable tissue paper with Kraft packaging tape.

2- Traditional Japanese Furoshiki Wrap $8. The cloth is knotted so that no tape is required. After the unveiling of the gift, the cotton square can be used for, Bandanas, a French neck scarf, bread bags, soft furnishings or forwarded to another to be used for gift wrap again.