Kiosk Introduces Mourne Textiles

We don't want to get sentimental but the Mourne Textiles Tweed blanket in Monochrome II is what started it all.

Rewind 7 ish years and we are living in London loving life, pinterest, midcentury furniture and too many pints. We purchase after many many months of saving, returning to websites and visiting the store Twenty twenty one the most beautiful Robin Day Recliner Chair.

But does that fulfil the buying British heritage urge, does it heck.

It develops into a full blown obsession of needing to know and see more and that leads us to Mourne.

In 1954 in the Mourne Valley, Northern Ireland a Norwegian weaver Gerd-Hay Edie founded Mourne Textiles. With her iconic textile designs and pioneer weaving techniques, she collaborated with Robin Day, Hille and Conran and cemented her stamp on iconic British contemporary design.

The workshop and design studio are still run today by Gerd's, daughter and grandson who continue to use the traditional methods as well as employing modern practices and collaborations of their own.

The connection between the chair and the bench we purchased ( that's another well deserved blog) led us to discover the fabrics that had originally been used by Robin Day for the chair, cushions and floor rug that were by Mourne Textiles and were still in production today.

Our budget was gone but there was a slow burning fire lit in the background.

After moving to Melbourne in 2018 we realised there were things we missed about products steeped in heritage with long standing connections too old worlds and very slowly that is how Kiosk took shape.

The first products we bought to sell were the Mourne Textile blankets.

Gerd Hay-Edie

Mourne Textile retrospective at Margaret Howell in London. The Robin Day reclining Chair.

Mourne textile Tweed Emphasize Blanket Monochrome II

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