Easter gift guide

Easter is around the corner and the time is nigh to decide your commitment levels for this occasion. Are you knees deep in Roast Lamb, easter daisies, bunny hunts and bonnets or are you a little more moderate with a small purchase of chocolate and a meal with friends.

Either way if you are looking for some Easter present ideas (on behalf of the rabbit or yourself) take a stroll through our curation of ideas to get the preparations underway.

Look, we understand as the rose is the muse for Valentines, the chocolate is for easter. If you are going to arrive with the sweet stuff make it good, organic and throughly modern chocolate

Bahen and Co chocolate bars


Now that the elephant is out of the room, relax your eyes and allow the ideas to flow as you scroll through what we consider a pretty neat selection of easter gift ideas.

Toyo Sasaki stackable tumblers

$55 (for 6)

Le bon shoppe socks

$20 (from)

Slab ceramics hand thrown diner mugs


Kinto Travel Tumbler


ACME cutlery

$3.60 (from)

Northern Light Beeswax candles


Turner and Harper Nail brush


Baggu Reusable Shopping bags

$18 (from)

Apartamento Magazine


G.F Heim Söhne egg spoons

$9.90 each

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