January Newsletter highlights

KIOSK. Wishes you the warmest new year.

We have just returned from Sydney for a super quick city break and have some really great recommendations, we have your summer essentials ready to go and are posting Australia/ New Zealand wide every day.

In Sydney we started every morning with coffee from Dutch Smuggler, we drunk natural wine in the soon to be renovated Phillips Foote. We ate sandwiches and drunk Vermouth in Continental Deli on Phillip Street and we had a very precious moment with a slice of goat lasagne from Fabbrica on King street. If you are lucky enough to visit these places. Do.

Hand rolled charcoal incense that last an hour from P.F Candle co. The sticks are intoxicating. $18 per packet.

Whether going for dry January or not (you don't need to be a detective to see our Sydney trip puts us in the former category) I can't encourage you enough that every household needs a pack of these Japanese tumblers, they suit all drinks, don't lose their shine and are stackable for a Euro chic table top. A set of 6 for $55.

Hands down the greatest item I gifted myself this summer, the BAGGU foldable, washable, packable, wearable hat. I consider it Amish-Chic its protecting with the generosity of size and light enough to be no bother. It packs in a small cotton pouch (that is excellent for holding your keys and phone). Comes with chin straps and a adjustable headband. $50.

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