Kiosk christmas gift guide 2

Instagram, Facebook (excuse me 'Meta') shop windows and TV ads are solidly throwing Christmas gift ideas our way, but we can't quite decide on the right gift. If you read our first guide and are starting to salivate, wait until you wander this one. Its part 2 and unlike most movies is equally as good as part 1.

Kiosk has some unbelievable cracking gifts that are thoughtful, original and entirely useful.

A perfect gift for the Mother in law

They are are a hard nut to crack, that's their job role and they take it very seriously, they need a gift that they haven't heard of before, but they can show to their friends when you are not in the room, it needs to be met with a nod of approval and a slight hint of awe. Enter the hurricane glass series made in Poland and designed in Denmark. Made to hold candles or flowers, your welcome.

A perfect gift for the friend who can pull off a pair of dungarees

You know this guy/gall they are so comfortable in their wardrobe know all, you silently await their next fashion reveal. They are relaxed, confident and probably pretty bold. They need a useful, stylish present in return. P.F Candle co candles are this, they are made in California from a small business and the candles are excellent, have longevity and look industrial, like dungarees.

A perfect gift for craftsman

There are people who appreciate the grains, the paired back approach and the recycled wool. These people should wake to find a piece or 2 from Sands Made design workshop. Melbourne made and run these hard maple trays and plates are limitless in possibility, top end in craftsmanship and design. A few of the best restaurants in Australia use them, just saying.

A perfect gift for the coffee drinker

This person is fastidious in coffee, cups, the press, the grind, the cupping, they don't need another piece of kit because what they have is the biz. So pull out a few of these German hand made spoons that have been made since 1862. Mind blown. Also very good for stirring a coffee 180 degrees over 4 second increments while wearing a blue tee shirt......

A perfect gift for the person who reads all the time

A reader enjoys life and learning and understands the importance of down time. Whether the book is Danielle steel or Homer it does not matter a jot. 6 stackable glass tumblers will delight. The reader will feel the hard strong (HS) glass as they rummage for a drink while finishing the chapter and instantly recognise the quality of the Japanese made glass and continue to use in their non reading days for all drinks, from Negronis to Milos.

A perfect gift for the Gin drinker

There is a certain type of person who enjoys a traditional drink that is so full of botanicals that it is impossible to mask. While the shelves are laden with Gins from London to a Ballina back garden we think this person (and indeed ourselves) will equally appreciate a hand made hog hair brush from Turner and Harper in England. How does one connect these two things. Quality and provenance.

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