Packaging is king.

It really is.

You have gone to all of the trouble to find and wander around my website, run your budget v what you are actually going to spend in your mind and determine if its essential. After considerations you go to the cart and get that transaction rolling and Boom! thank you very nicely, allow me to take over from here....

Kiosk website and instagram are my store windows and when I send or deliver your packages I really want to impress you (its a complex I'm sure some talking therapy could help with) but also I want you to be proud of your purchase, I sell really really good quality products and I know you've worked hard for your money so getting them to you in a handsome delivery is my thank you.

There are are few rules to my postage and packing and I thought it would be nice to share to show you how much thought really goes into this part of Kiosk.

Lets start with this lovely pair of Thunders Love black and white striped socks (a classic).

I always hand write a card, its really important. But I don't have the best handwriting so I write in capitals, I pass that off as been arty. If you have ordered before, I like to acknowledge that, if I was in a shop I would recognise you and say ' how did those candles go for Robs birthday', as I can't do that in person I'll write it. I also only write with Muji pens.

I wrap in butchers paper because I love it. Because its classic and because quite frankly I find nothing smarter than an actual butcher wrapping my meat in brown paper. As I am not a butcher, this is as close as I get to it. On occasion I will pull out some wrapping paper, Im definitely not against pattern or colour but I do think a parcel arriving in the mail in brown paper is a win.

I double fold every edge because I loathe a raw edge in wrapping paper.

I use brown paper tape to blend in with my paper, I have been known to use the fancier double sided tape but I think you'll agree the matchy matchy of tape and paper is its own perfection.

Full disclosure I was gifted these custom stickers by Oz sticker printing in NSW, how cool are they. I originally ordered a standard Black/ Cream sticker combo but after musing the idea and as I say above I am not offended by colour, I asked if I could change to a vibrant orange.

I like neon, I don't want it to look Dutch and I knew there was the perfect hue somewhere in-between. Oz sticker printing sent me a couple of suggestions that they had and as you can see above has resulted in the perfect modern orange stickers. Total dreamboat. (Also outrageously helpful and quick)

On occasion (as in birthday occasion) I will dress the package with the thinest slip of a black velvet ribbon. To me that's a really grown up indulgence that sets the tone high.

And voila the perfect package.

I am sure as Kiosk ages (not me, im staying at 37) my packaging may evolve, I am not anti- change but at the moment I think the modest but certainly modern and clean looking packaging is King.

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