September newsletter highlights

Whats new in Kiosk this month, a jubilant jaunt into Spring, a focus on reaching out to people. Good smells, bright colours and a not so secret negroni ingredient that is going to enliven your cocktail game.

We have been thinking a lot about pyjamers, birria tacos and brands making playlists on Spotify.

Below is a chocolate pot that we made from Margot Hendersons cookbook if you don't know Rochelle canteen, bucket list it.

Don't sweat the small stuff, good saying but actually sometimes if you focus on the small stuff it can rest your mind and open you up to some daily joy.

We sell Bahen and co chocolate bars. Made in Western Australia, this company is about treating their farmers with fairness and financial equality. (That is certainly not the small stuff) when buying for yourself or gifting a bar you are helping to increase your happiness (duh.. chocolate) and add to the solution of this often corrupt and badly managed food chain.

And then there are the egg spoons that have been produced in the same German Factory since 1862. Are they essential to your life? possibly not, will they brighten your day for the 1 minute you use them to stir your coffee, eat your ice cream or measure out the sea salt, absolutely.

NEW in our store is a selection of California made P.F Candle co candles and incense. They are a mighty candle to behold. The candles are vegan, phthalate-free and use domestically grown soy wax.

The smells are strong, and have excellent longevity. Whether using to disguise a wafty meal or on your bedside table to wake up with, this brand should be on your radar.

Although heading into Spring and lighter drinks, there is nothing more comfortable than an end of day Negroni. Although we tend to be a slave to the classics, we have nearly finished (time frame not published) a bottle of this Victorian Sweet vermouth in our daily cocktail.

Sublime, quirky and clearly native I'm going to struggle to not purchase it over an Italian in the future.

Over 2 large ice cubes we pour 1 part Campari, 1 part Gin and 1 part Maidenii Sweet Vermouth. Garnish with a thick slice of orange.

Sands Made is a Melbourne based product design studio.

We first saw these hard maple plates when we dined in the now closed Petit Tracteur restaurant.

Ideal for a side plate, fruit 'bowl' or car keys hub.

An easy design piece.

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