What to take to a dinner party

You lucky thing, you have been invited around to a persons house for a meal and how great to reciprocate the gesture with a small thank you of your own.

Obviously a bottle of wine (or non) is standard for a reason, but if you really want to give a little keep sake I think the invitation to return is a certain!

In no particular order,

Bahen & Co organic chocolate bar $9.90

Organic, Australian, delicious and ethically farmed- this is feel good.

Northern Light Twilight Beeswax Candle $10

Organic, Australian, atmospheric and they can light it immediately to elevate the dinner table.

Hard Maple plate / tray $15

Handmade, Australian, seen in some excellent restaurants, 1 or 2 of these plates will instantly please. To be used for food or decoration.

Apartamento Magazine $30

To give the gift of stories, travel and inspiration Apartamento has to be a contender for hosts who enjoy interesting conversations.

Toyo- Sasaki Stackable Tumblers 6 for $55

Practical, Japanese, chic and there is 0 misunderstanding from the host how happy you are to be invited to spend time together.

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