Which sock is best

Kiosk sells Thunders Love socks and Le Bon Shoppe socks and we believe like your children although you shouldn't have favourites, they do bring different joys at different times.

Left: Le Bon Shoppe Lt Grey Boyfriend socks

Right: Thunders Love Nautical Turn Saturday socks

Thunders Love is a Spanish run family business that employees a small factory of hosiers in Portugal to hand sew their socks. Made to be unisex, and one size fits most.

Le Bon Shoppe is a L.A small business made up of a group of friends who decided to find "the sock" they are intentionally non seasonal and only make sock lines when the current pairs are sold, they use all material available and are trying to be anti- establishment when it comes to fashion waste.

Their socks are also unisex and one size, however compared to T.L their sizing is a bit smaller so may lend itself more to the female foot.

We first ran into Thunders Love via Instagram ( the tinder of great products) we ordered from Spain and have worn for the last couple of years. They have held their shape and stretch, continue to stay up, wash amazingly well and the colours have not faded at all. My husband and I both wear them, they could be a potential sticking point in a divorce settlement.

I first met Le bon shoppe through a clothes store in the UK, I was drawn to the sports look and modern colours. They also have a very achievable $20 price tag so you can have a couple of pairs to sync with your wardrobe. I wear the 'her socks' the most as Im a dress wear'er and I like the short height. I am always been complimented on the colour. They also wash very well and have a good hold up.

So what's the difference. The price is an obvious, the LBS are $20 and the Thunders Love $40. I think the LBS are more of a staple wardrobe performer and Thunders Love are the perfect gift. TL are longer and the sizing is bigger. Thunders Love also have a higher percentage of cotton per sock.

Both rule the roost with colours and stripes and my daily decision between the two lends itself more to my outfit rather than to the sock.

I love Thunders love for a boot or a ankle biter trouser. I tend to go for Le bon shoppe when wearing a dress or a skirt.

The decision is yours, there is no wrong answer. If I was to be candid id say there is plenty of room for a pair of each in your closest.

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